5 Reasons You Should Study in Kenya

When people think of Africa, academic excellence isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. There are many reasons for this, including social, cultural and language biases but in many cases, African higher education institutions are on the same, if not higher level of excellence as colleges in the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US) and the European Union (EU). If you have been accepted to study in Kenya or you are considering application, keep reading.

Academics, while the most important, is only one aspect of the full student experience – there are many more reasons to study in this gorgeous East-African country, for example:

1: High African and Global Ranking

As the recently released World Universities Ranking 2022 report shows, Kenya’s University of Nairobi is ranked first in the country, 11 th in Africa and in the 501-600 category globally among the best universities by Times Higher Education (THE).

While this is only one example of the excellent higher education institutions in Kenya, you may find a full list here, to research your Kenyan study options further.

2: Applying for a Kenyan Study Visa is easy – with a little help

The Kenyan Study Visa is easy to apply for if you know the requirements and documents you’ll need, and you have a helping hand to guide you through the process. Fortunately, our expert immigration consultants at our IBN Immigration Solutions’ Nairobi branch are willing to assist you every step of the way.

Study Visas are issued to individuals seeking to enter and remain in the country to receive education or training at an educational or training establishment within the country where they have been accepted as a student.

What you will need:

  • Certified copies of your passport, valid for at least six months
  • Relevant certified copies of degrees/academic certificates obtained
  • Two passport photos in colour
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Report

Study Visas are valid for a year or for as long as the applicant’s studies/research/internship lasts (upon renewal). While we can guarantee efficiency on our end, visa processing in Kenya can have unexpected delays for a variety of bureaucratic reasons. We urge Study Visa applicants to keep this in mind when timeously applying to both their chosen institution and the study permit.

3. Lower Fee and Living Costs

Academia is not cheap. Unfortunately, in Europe (even with government subsidies) and the United States, costs of tuition have skyrocketed so much that students are forced to take out massive loans, resulting in painful (and often lifetime) debt.

In the US, tuition fees for both private and public schools climbed again by 1% from 2021 to 2022, to between 22 698,00 USD and 48 510,00 USD. These numbers do not include living costs.

In comparison, average tuition costs for a year at the University of Nairobi are around 5 000,00 USD. Food, accommodation and travel costs are also remarkably lower than in the EU and US, with the average daily living cost for a single adult estimated at 480,44 USD a month.

4: Opportunity for Immersion in Incredible Culture and Activities

Study and travel are a wonderful combination for lifelong memories. While you would be heading over to Kenya to study FIRST, the country is breathtaking and culturally diverse and its local people are so friendly that immersing yourself in the many activities on offer should still be a priority. Don’t miss out on the incredible food, stunning beaches, the diverse flora and fauna, as well as a buzzing nightlife.

5: English is the Language of Instruction

English is the language of instruction at most of Kenya’s higher education institutes and they usually require an English entrance examination during application. If you are already fluent, you won’t need further preparation, however, if you need to improve your English before applying, we highly recommend BiCortex Languages for online English preparation.

From the reasons above, why wait to create a memorable African study experience? Contact us today and we would be happy to assist you in applying for your Kenyan Study Visa.

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