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An award winning immigration company

specializing in African & International markets

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Enabling talent to work & live in Africa

& contribute to developing our continent

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Our key differentiator is our people

who are the essence of our brand's success

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We don't only offer advice

we offer peace of mind

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IBN Immigration Solutions assists multinationals as well as individuals with their engagement in Kenya. We are also able to assist with any migration needs to other Southern African countries and to the rest of the world.

Our immigration specialists’ team will facilitate your immigration to Kenya and will also be able to assist companies and people in Kenya with their migration needs to other parts of the world. We provide superior comprehensive service and expert advice – to global corporations as well as individuals – on all immigration requirements to be met according to the nature of your visit/stay to Kenya and will advise on the best immigration solutions.

Our immigration team at IBN will offer tailored solutions to all your immigration needs for Kenya.

Kenyan Visa Options

Kenyan Permits

IBN Immigration Solutions is a leading consultancy agency for corporate and private immigration in Kenya and other African countries, as well as providing mobility services into Kenya.

Immigrate to Kenya

Immigrate in Africa

IBN Immigration Solutions services range from consulting and identifying the most effective and practical immigration solution for corporations and their assignees – as well as private individuals – for Kenya. as well as can provide outbound immigration services to most of African countries.

Immigrate to Kenya

international immigration

Our professional team of experts offers comprehensive, transparent and efficient advices and tailor made solutions. If you have any questions about immigrating internationally for personal or professional reasons, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Can we make your visa application a breeze?


Blog & News

Corporates Sending Assignees to Kenya – Why you should send their Spouses Too

Corporates Sending Assignees to Kenya – Why you should send their Spouses too

It seems obvious. You’ve just been asked to relocate to Kenya on a long-term work assignment. Who has priority when you make the final call? If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, your answer would usually be your partner. Kenya’s Dependant Pass would be the solution here – keep reading to find out why.Read More »
5 Reasons You Should Study in Kenya

5 Reasons You Should Study in Kenya

When people think of Africa, academic excellence isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. There are many reasons for this, including social, cultural and language biases but in many cases, African higher education institutions are on the same, if not higher level of excellence as colleges in the United Kingdom (UK), United StatesRead More »
5 Reasons You Should Consider Long-Term Work in Kenya

5 Reasons You Should Consider Working in Kenya

Kenya’s immigration framework lends itself to collaboration with and investment from foreign employees, with sector-specific work visas for the long-term targeting foreign nationals with the skills to help create job opportunities and stimulate the country’s economy for the benefit of all. Why should you consider working long-term in this East-African gem? Keep reading to findRead More »

Overview: How to Apply for a Kenyan Special Pass

  Watch this video featuring Melissa Moses, one of our Senior Consultants at IBN’s Cape Town branch. Here, Melissa discusses the requirements related to applying for the Special Pass and the steps you’ll go through during the process. The Kenyan Special Pass is a temporary work permit, furnished under the Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration ActRead More »